Biscuits & Gravity

by Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits

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Hrabko's second laser-kissed slab of plastic in just over a year, following Gone Places, this time with his heavenly backing band, The Rabbits on board.


released January 24, 2015

All songs © 2015, Scott Hrabko
Except (10), Michael Hurley (Bug Music)

SH - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (6,7), Keyboards, Percussion
Josh Arnold - Bass, Harmony Vocals
Emily Tummons - Harmony Vocals, Accordion, Ukulele

Rabbit Emeritus: Kirk Scott - Lead Guitar (1-6,9-10)
Tim Higgins - Drums (4,6,7)
Brian Morahan - Drums (8)
Jason Beers - Banjo, Saw (8)
Deni McHenry - Harmony Vocals (8)
Rachel Arato-Hrabko & Sam Hrabko - Greek Chorus (4)

Recorded by SH, Kansas City, MO, USA - February - September, 2014
Mastered by Jon Tidey at Epic Sounds, Vancouver, BC, Canada



all rights reserved


Scott Hrabko Kansas City, Missouri

KC's own Scott Hrabko is a singer/songwriter with roots tracing back to the fertile crescent of the town's late-80s indie rock scene. Hrabko and his heavenly band, The Rabbits (Josh Arnold, Marco Pascolini, Fred Wickham and Tim Higgins) have been featured live-in-studio artists on KKFI 90.1 FM's, Mid-Day Medley and River Trade Radio, and Chuck Haddix's legendary Fish Fry on KCUR 89.3 FM. ... more

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Track Name: Died & Gone To Heaven
Died and Gone to Heaven
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Oh, little queen of diamonds
Beneath the sodium lights
Chimes in the wind and the whispering gin
It was gonna be a beautiful night
My whole life passed before me
Like a heartbeat in the sky
I think I must've died and gone to heaven

Now, it ain't hard to understand
Any fool could see
So many boys want to be your man
Now you aim those eyes at me
The light of day's a kiss away for all eternity
I think I must've died and gone to heaven

I think I must've died a thousand times
Stepped right up to that dark and dreadful line
Oh, good lovin'
It'll bring you back to life

I'm still high from the other night
All the way down to my shoes
She had the answer to the question
What have we got to lose
On the last legs of a weary waltz
Her heartbeat sweating on through
I think I must've died and gone to heaven

I think I must've died a thousand times
Stepped right up to that lost and lonely line
Oh, good loving
It's gonna change your mind overnight

Well, a lonesome load of laundry
An abandoned band of gold
All that rolling and tumbling
It was getting kind of old
She picked me up and dusted me off
Lo and behold
I think I must've died and gone to heaven
I think I must've died and gone to heaven
I think I must've died and gone to heaven
Track Name: Lorraine
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Telephone lines on a silver tone sky
In the small town glare
Time stands still as you roll on by
Through the weird in the air
Tilting at landfills, dead dogs and Walkmen
And bygones be gone
Every last friend scattered to the wind
Howl on, howl on
Howl on, howl on, howl on!

I loved her laugh, she held nothing back
She laid it all on the line
It lingered in the air long after she'd gone
And traveled on down my spine
Come to the phone, the receiver is warm
And your love's a world away
You're digging yourself a deeper hole
With every word you say

Let her love letters flutter
To the gutters of memory lane
Now, I've been known to ramble
But it's always back to Lorraine

Here comes the past, she's all dressed in black
For once she ain't fooling around
She'd get on my bad side and go for a joyride
What are we doing uptown?
Trying to get dressed in the darkness
And head on out to the cold
Down the arthritic alleys and shortcuts to God only knows

{Repeat Chorus}

Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine
Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine

I'm drinking deep of sweet disbelief
To a drunkard's lullaby
Wishing I had a little something
Baby, to remember you by
Run out the clock on a beautiful day
Don't tell me it's Saturday night
And somebody, somewhere is having
The time of their life

{Repeat Chorus}

Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine
Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine
I may go down swinging but I'll be singing the same refrain
Lorraine, Lorraine, it's always back to Lorraine
Track Name: Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Midnight creepin' Puerto Rican
Second story moan
Neon halos of moths and mosquitos
And I can't find my way home

A broken windshield in the moonlight
A high and lonesome alarm
A girl in curlers with a bread knife
Come on and be my good luck charm

It's down to coffee spody-ody
Biscuits and gravity
Pickled ambition and liquored up fiction
And time lapse pornography

Oh, the birds are irritating
At this hour of the day
And the garbage men are taking
My weekend away

Rivers run dry when I walk by
Birds fly away and babies cry
Cookies crumble and milk expires
I can't begin to tell you why
I'm just an ordinary guy

Backwater flotsam, long gone, forgotten
Looking for an ear to bend
You'll rue the day you ever got me to talking
'Cause the monologue will never end

Smoking your last one down to the cotton
And laughing through the rattling phlegm
Your horse is high, but you can't get off
It's a long way down, my friend

Rivers run dry when I walk by
Birds fly away and babies cry
Good times, they just pass me by
I can't begin to tell you why
I'm just an ordinary guy
Track Name: I Dreamed I Quit My Job
I Dreamed I Quit My Job
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Oh, the work is steady, like erosion
Washing my dreams away
Standing on a crumbling levee
Wondering if today's the day

Risking life and liver on that great, greasy river
Tumbling down to the sea
Down that primrose path where a black cat shat
My penalty's waiting for me

I dreamed I quit my job
I dream all the time
It don't cost a dime
I dreamed I quit my job

We got an attitude at the counter
And a line going out the door
Cleanup in aisle 11
No one to mind the store

A balled-up apron in the dumpster
Out by the loading dock
With a new name tag and a brown paper bag
I can't seem to kick the clock

{Repeat Chorus}

Oh, the bar is so dark in the afternoon
And the old farts linger too long
Over empties in hard boiled exile
And a dumped over ashtray of song
Now, I don't need the Eagles
Telling me to take it easy
A bird of prey on the back of a dollar bill

We've got a drawer full of old, rotten rubber bands
And fortune cookie dust
And the personal belongings of a number of ex-employees
Eldorado or bust

We've got break room dreamers and non-dairy creamers
A crummy little speaker on the wall
Feel free to freak when the frequency peaks
And the angels return your call

They say ...
Go on, now, quit your job

What are you going to do now?
What are you going to do now?
What are you going to do now?

I don't know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.
Track Name: (Son of) The Valley of the Blues
(Son of) The Valley of the Blues
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Johnny IOU and the Terrible Two
Picking on a helpless guitar
Fallen leaves and antifreeze
As close as we got to the stars
Stay out all night, running red lights
In a fever of failure of nerve
The moon turned blue as an amplifier tube
And the wind kicks up the dirge
La-la-la-la, la-la-la

Electrical fences from Wentzville to Memphis
Arkansas, I hear you moan
The hell hounds of paranoia
Throw 'em a bone
It's you again, in the yellow mirror
Of a burned out, breathless john
A miserable mop head slops away
To that old plantation song

Oh, mama -- Try not to come unglued
Walking through the bottomless shadows
In the valley of the blues

Deep in the black heart of Texas
Where nobody knows my name
But the ghosts of oil well wishers
On that long gone glory train
I follow the lonesome tail lights
Into the mystery
Oh, my lucky stars
Seems like you're avoiding me

Tried to get out of nowhere
A stranger, just like you
Walking through the bottomless shadows
In the valley of the blues
The valley of the ...
Track Name: Donnez Moi
Donnez Moi
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)


Donnez moi, donnez moi,
Donnez moi tout le monde
Donnez moi, donnez moi

Well, I ain't got no distractions
You could say I'm being good
But sometimes I feel like John the Baptist
Screaming in the woods
If some Salome comes looking
Honey, you know I'll keep my head
But I mostly deal with boredom
Way over on the cool side of the bed

{Repetez Chorus}

I had a good girl from the badlands
For to keep me in my lane
From the wild, unanswered prairies
To the dull and aching plains
'Round Cat Scratch, Saskatchewan
I guess I let her slip away
Well, she run off with some madman
John the Baptist was his name

{Repetez Chorus}

I awaken, aching in her absence
Sentimentally ill
Roll out of bed in a great deal of dread
Baby, you know the drill
Was it the muse or the turpentine fumes
Give me such a thrill?
I tried to paint her from memory
But she just won't sit still

{Repetez Chorus}

Track Name: Don't Be True
Don't Be True
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Like a necklace of diamonds
The headlights are shining
But there ain't no lights on at home
Ain't it hard when you realize
Baby, you're on your own

Oh, the walls of a sin
And her clothes closing in
And the daddy done moved along
By the oil stain in the parking place
You could see that he'd been there and gone

Don't be true to a heart that's cruel
Don't believe it's the best you can do
Break away -- honey, I'd do it for you

Now the palace has gone to seed
In the kingdom without
Something's come over her majesty
She's having your doubts

You just keep asking for favors
But heaven's had enough
'We want you to know
Your call is important to us'

{Repeat Chorus}

Darkness wins, the game is rigged
Sometimes it feels that way
But honey, don't you listen
To a word I say
Track Name: California Got My Baby
California Got My Baby
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

Cracked up like the sidewalk
Spanish static in the air
Drunken American laughter
I never dreamed I'd find you there

There ain't nothing shaking
But the leaves on the trees
The last time I saw you, baby
You belonged to me

Cashing my quarters in a town on the border
As ugly as an old rock star
In a Santa Anna sand blasted Rambler
I never dreamed we'd get this far

My shadow and I by the idiot light
Driving all night back to you
A ball of fire in the rear view mirror
All the towns that wouldn't do

But I've got red wine at bedtime
To keep me company
California got my baby
And the lonesome blues got me

Now she's married, just barely
Hanging on by a thread
She'd laugh whenever I'd tell her
Our best days are just ahead

She said, "I love you, baby,
But I'd better get off the phone.
It's Saturday night, the lights are bright
You ought to find a thrill of your own"

Oh, the western wind is laughing last
Rolling in from the sea
California got my baby
And the lonesome blues got me
Oh the lonesome blues got me
Yeah, the lonesome blues got me
Yodelayhee-hee, hee-hee
Track Name: Somebody Else's Sunshine
Somebody Else's Sunshine
© 2015, Scott Hrabko (ASCAP)

You're somebody else's sunshine now
I thought you were mine
Thought our love would be the light of day
Till the end of time
Now the bluebird sings her heart out
In some other sky
You're somebody else's sunshine now
I thought you were mine

We used to lay down in the lavender
Out behind the old, forbidden mill
And you'd whisper that you'd be my little baby
Till the day the earth stood still
But the world just keeps turning
And you're nowhere to be found
You're somebody else's sunshine, now
There's darkness all around

{Repeat Chorus}

Now the birds up in the trees
They gang up on me in song
Said, 'It's only your imagination.
She could never do you wrong.'
Oh, but they were only mocking birds
I don't believe a word
A word that I heard

I've got my very own personal raincloud
Hanging over me
Just a sad, old shadow
Where the sun used to be
And I try not to take it
So personally
Living day after day in this same gray misery

{Repeat Chorus}
Track Name: O My Stars
O, My Stars (By Michael Hurley)

Kiss me once, oh, kiss me twice
Give me a taste of paradise
I don't need the blues always on my shoulder
They give me a cold feeling
Getting colder

O, my stars how you undo me
O, my stars
O, my stars
You undo me

The sun's going down and the sky different colors
Mama run and see the different hues
I feel alright but these times are bad
Mama run here, help me with these blues

{Repeat Chorus}

You see that spider going up the wall?
He going up there to get his ashes hauled
He taking that trip along the mighty top
He learning them ladies the old spider rock

{Repeat Chorus}