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The Wonderful World Of Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits

by Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits

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I’m walking by the low slung bungalows From two turns of century ago Through hot laundry clouds and leftover snow Hey, sunshine, where'd you go? Good morning, frost and car exhaust Rotten blossoms on the tempest tossed Sunday papers left out in the rain Beaten down to paper maché Rolling and tumbling recycling bins Howling down the alleyway The wind wants in A statewide rain cloud, gray as slate Cold, hard waves rolling down the interstate Windshield wipers can’t shoo it away What became of my beautiful day? They’re taking requests but the phone don't ring There ain’t much call for the b-side of Spring She don’t give a damn, she’s still gonna sing And frighten the birds and bees I’m hearing my heart beating retreat To the warm and welcome arms of defeat Where the ghosts in the wind cant get to me Go and bark up some other tree But the smell of the pines reminds me of gin And time is telling The wind wants in
A full grown woman on a playground swing With the breeze in her hair, sending laughter to the sky Oh, just move along, let her do her thing Let her do her thing, lord, it ain’t no crime She’s living it up and rubbing it in Like a high stepping jubilee She just smiled and said, "Take that, gravity" Oh, down by the pond there’s a wedding going on There’s a wedding going on, ain’t a damn thing wrong Dragonflies get it on while the swans glide along But it’s a day old day by the time you sing your song It’s time on my hands as heavy as lead But enough about me She just smiled and said, "Take that, gravity" Oh, gravity, you can’t have me Psalms unsung roll right off her tongue Bring it on, eternity She just smiled and said, "Take that, gravity"
RSVP 04:15
I’m carried away on a wave gone wrong Brought to the rocks by the siren song Vesper whispers, en Français Requesting caresses every which way Répondez, Répondez S’il Vous Plait The flowers are fading There’s a kink in the hose There’s wet, black leaves from two falls ago There’s a woman in the garden Confessing to the crows With the sweat rolling down Let it roll, baby, roll You can have her in heaven But down here the answer is no
Here in the howling hinterland The king of shit has hit the fan There walks the fire breathing lamb From the book of lunacy Stepped on snakes and caution tape The rope we wrought, the wars of waste Means to an end that’ll end in disgrace And all the horrors believers believe Los Estados Destrozados No digas que hemos terminado On the outskirts failure With dead dreams to flog There’s no longer a line Between monster and mob Just a shotgun shell of your aimless self Picking the bones of a long lost cause Los Estados Destrozados No digas que hemos terminado
The Bells 04:40
Forgotten fields of coal black grit Flies that cry, "abandon shi_!” Leaving tracks where they've all stepped in it Oh, captain, captain They’re coming for me But the captain's nowhere to be found He said he'd be with you When the deal goes down Flies in the honey, crows in the corn Your losses are looming as sure as you’re born Wolf in the meadow, the shepherd is shorn Your word and your deed Are wind in the weeds Hear the murmurs underground As if you were born Just to move the dust around So cruel, so slow the river runs Dead wood drifting on gilded scum Can’t pray it away or wish it unrung When you hear the bells Of delirium Backhanded down from father to son Black hearted country where the bad blood runs Down the ladder, rung by rung Straight to Hell To an idiotic drum Not a bullet left unsung What came between you and oblivion?
I might take a little walk just to clear my head Call a cease fire with the voices of the dead There but for the grease in the gears go I Just trying to find one more gear to grind Now a body ain’t nothing but a haunted house From darkened corners pain leaps out Humbled and hobbled, broken and bent In the hope of a halfway decent descent Harps by the river in the sweet by and by And a tambourine bouncing off a lovely behind I smile and wave at the other grays As we pass on the path every lap, every day Singing, how can you not fade away? Maybe that’s the question, but, baby, not today Like a hole in the head or a whole new head I need to recall everything we said But the needle is startled by the same old scratch Every time around, we're right back in the past You’d think the needle would know Not to jump the track Until the very last laugh I take a little walk just to clear my head ...
UFOhio 04:00
An old woman, arms akimbo Is standing on her lawn Counting chickens nonexistent And humming a lonely song About the terrible day When all the troubles came And we dropped everything we were working on To come running and see With the sun shining madly Down on our misery Beautiful UFOhio UFOhio UFOhio Oh-eye-ho! Oh-eye-ho! They tell me my people were born there But hell if I know UFOhio UFOhio Baby, don’t you want to go? And I can understand if the answer is “no!” There’s a band in my head And they don’t get along They accuse one another Of wrecking the song So I went solo So low I scraped the road
Oh, the air was thick with schmaltz and shtick Dilettante demons and dabblers Tracking the trickle of fractions of fortunes Down to selling plasma A busted piñata revolves in the breeze The beer lights are extinguished I’m spinning 'round like an eight ball With too much english The smell of the blood red enamel Down in the dance hall of doom Red means stop unless you're a bull They couldn’t keep out the goons Are you a doorman or a matador? I’m gonna have to ask you to leave A thousand fathers of failure deny paternity It was high, wired, hell fired and out of control But they broke that horse a long time ago Riding high or lying low, either way, you’ve got to go And there never was a horse Like rock ’n’ roll Petrified rubbers in the parking place A frown on the beak of a dead baby bird Empty airline bourbon bottles The ants advance, the worms adjourn Corroded aluminum pull tabs from 1973 Compared to what we’ve all stepped in Those seem like the good old days to me It might take a couple more vices To hold me together tonight My song of love has landed with a thud Then out go the lights Up past the old lady's bedtime Coming home with the clowns We've been carrying on just a little too long To stop now I'm gonna do what I do Though nobody asked me to Too many muses to amuse To get down off the high horse blues
North Star 03:17
Look out my window at that shabby patio Frost on the flagstones, a cardinal eating snow See that the birds are fed, honey, after I'm gone Except for the sparrows and starlings, darling They can all move right along Mercury falling into the 20s tonight There’s a shuddering, fluttering quicksilver light Giving way to the darkness, a long way from home Slow motion detours of detours of detours To the end of the road Someone to come home to, to ease my mind And rescue the senses out from under time One lonely light on a balcony Somewhere there’s a light left on for me It’s to a clock in the morning I dedicate my song We’ve evicted the crickets and the critics are gone In the perfume of burning dust when the heater kicks on I think I’m alone now, though I may be wrong The only spider now is me I’m weaving webs no will ever see Sleep is out of the question Every light is on See that the birds are fed Honey, after I'm gone
My Backyard 04:18
Weed trees weaving through the chain link fence Morning glories just 'a hanging their heads And when the sun comes up There'll be no fanfare Only my love beside me The light of a brand new day In her hair Lazing in the shade of an ancient tree Drifting on a dream like a cottonwood seed And branches fall whenever the wind says, “boo!” And the time to climb the shaky old ladder And clean out the gutters is long past due And I'm standing here, looking at the stars Strumming this old guitar I forgot how lovely life can be Out in my back yard Car doors closing Birds unfolding One note robins And crows with faraway eyes Barely a breeze to stir the silence The curtains sigh and so do I Another day gone by Oh, the rusted out belly of the barbecue grill Chicken grease is dripping down a rhythm And the dog catches every last drop Before it hits the ground And it’s 8:45 by the time the sun goes down And I'm standing here, looking at the stars So good so far I forgot how lovely life can be Out in my back yard Well, I hope that rabbit gets a stomach ache From the green tomato he ate He took one bite and then took off beneath the gate
Oh, the smell of the blood red enamel Down in the dance hall of doom Red means stop unless you're a bull They couldn't keep out the goons Are you a doorman or a matador? I'm gonna have to ask you to leave A thousand fathers of failure Deny paternity It was high, wired, hell-fired And out of control But they broke that horse A long time ago And there never was a horse Like Rock 'n' Roll Black as night, perforated by blinking lights Up and down our spines, realigned In a heavenly rhyme One illicit kiss, so ill-advised In a stairwell to nowhere Where sleepwalking tongues collide It's just a fragment of a figment Of a galloping ghost Kicking up dust down Debacle Road And there never was a horse We've been carrying on a little too long To stop now
Stragglers 04:06
Some stragglers from a sparrow flock Broke off to mob a red tailed hawk And chased him, screaming Round and round the block It’s hawks by day and owls by night In the grass I’m finding grisly sights Rabbit halves and quarter squirrels And thirds of birds What can you do? It’s just the way of the world Throw a little sawdust on the purple swirls And the buzzing flies beneath the tilt-a-whirl Throw a circle of sky as I lie on my back The birds so high they may as well be gnats Gratification delayed and delayed I’m beginning to wonder if we missed the train Grackles in panic on the railroad tracks Fighting over fried chicken scraps An old man crushing aluminum cans He does a dance to the thinking man’s jam band I mean Can I ain’t no gentille aloutte Flying high above the fray Singing a song like nothing’s wrong So you can get on with your day Teardrops from treetops Here come the crows There go the leaves They gotta give up the ghost Well, it’s birds of burden, words of prey Walking my dog day dreaming away All in a day, a beautiful day
Blood drunk mosquito - Adios, amigo You can’t take it with you when you go And you’ve got to go Blood drunk mosquito - parasito perdido I’ll send you on your bloody merry way Last call — Judgement day When the shadow of the grim flip flop comes down It’s certain to be curtains for your night out on the town With a clap of satisfaction and a drop of my own blood I’m about to kill your buzz Blood drunk mosquito - Adios, amigo You can’t take it with you when you go And you’ve got to ...
Are they? Are they? Are they? (Are we?) Are they? Are they? Are they friendly spirits? (Are we?) (Are we?) Are they? Are they? Are they friendly spirits? (Are we?) (Are we?) (Are we?) Let ‘em in (unintelligible)
Savages 05:03
Between production and decay The grinding wheels reverberate The ancient hatred works its way Down to the molecule Victorian sewers crumble with age Sulfurous southern spirits escape While the head of state Caligulates From a golden toilet stool His lowlife dreams prevailed upon By all the toxic tagalongs The desperation hangers on The drunken sons of gods ’n’ guns And daughters of delirium Your glory train has come and gone Savages Through sudden dips and rumble strips The shreds of treads of relationships Attention spans that hit the skids Into eternity Traffic and terror on the nines A shotgun pox on highway signs The lines that rhyme with your decline For all the world to see The signal comes the signal goes On haunted honky radio Blasphemy crackling, circuits aglow There’s a nightmare Christ on the other side To divide and multiply the lies And lonely minds to colonize Savages Time’s eternal turning back A milky way of broken glass And plastic bags that breathe and breed You’re chasing after windblown dope Looked like love and felt like hope It slips away, all in a dream We’ll dig a hole on your behalf Trumpets for the aftermath And ghosts of godforsaken mills I tried my best to do my father’s will
Free 03:38
White knuckle drive time Drifting over white lines Through the static on the radio (Parasitos atmosphericos) The chill wind blows Speak to me, baby Tell me something I don't know Can't find my way The signs have been changed To a language of lunacy Darkness awaits these shattered states (Los Estados Destrozados) Where at least I'm told I'm free I'm told I'm free
Dog In The Backyard Down and out in your old home town Only the floor has your back You never learn - every return Is more dreadful than the last • Old houses forsaken, overtaken Repossessed by the weeds Circles reversing, family cursing Bring it on home to me • Now the spirits hit your bloodstream An old song goes right to your head Stomach aches from sour grapes Between the living and the dead • Blinking bottles on the wall Beckon and beguile If I don't heed the call I'll just have to crawl to you, baby Come on and linger awhile Linger awhile ... I really want to • There's a dog in the backyard Digging a hole to China Out of boredom, I suppose Don't give a good hot damn About a dogforsaken bone • There's a weird, yellow light in the morning Long shadows of oblivion And the calendar on the wall says, "My God, what have I done?" What have I done? • There's a dog in the backyard Digging a hole to China Oh honey, where'd you go?
Life ain't but a dream -- a few blocks away In the laughing light of a Summer day Houses holding together fast 'Neath the freshly painted over past The Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes Are strewn across the bedroom floor Don't ever turn a stranger From your door You never know Breaking up, ain't nothing to it Breaking up, a kid could do it I'll see you around But you'll never see me Breaking down Give me something to look forward to 'Cause looking back is all I ever do There but for a life I could call may own Now I play the thief on your telephone Dark angel of your love's demise You send your regrets and squandered sunshine I can't even tell you What is and isn't mine A pretty world, just you and me If you could only break the chains And fly away from your family Fly away With me
We haunted houses Birds in low places Weeds in the wheels And papers in the wind Perfect defectors Serenading bill collectors Or whatever the wind blew in Stardust collecting in the corners Shining on neglected guitars One for the neighbors Who couldn't hold their liquor You and me We couldn't let go of ours Pickin' and kvetchin' Over minor chord progressions Come on, come on, come on Commiserate with me Lost in recollection From the heavy ever after Old heartaches departed Like the wind through the trees Exhaust(ed) fans And room clearing bands Nullified by lullabies Of supply and demand One for the troubadours Waiting for the meteor Giving up the ghost for a bird in the hand It's getting kind of late To be starting up something She's laughing in her sleep Well, maybe next time Down in the basement There's a nickel in the dryer Rolling round and round Chasing after a dime And falling behind
(The king is dead ... you can dance if you want to) Stay in bed/Get out of bed Fight to the death with the blues Angels ululating in my nervous system Harmonize with the ooze Wheel of worry, show no mercy Keep driving me insane Oh, my balky muse with the restless Sunday blues Fogging up my windowpane But the wind died down and the sun came out The clouds high tailed it away And I'll be damned If it turned into a pretty good day So much to give, it's breaking my heart But I can't seem to find a way It's hard to see what's good in the world to me Looking through the eyes of rain The rain comes down and paints the town Like a miserable Monet (gray on gray on gray) And if I had my way, God knows I'd tear that M___ down All the wasted time I thought was mine Almost threw it all away And I'll be damned If it turned into a pretty good day Oh, the king of darkness died forgotten Somewhere far away And I'll be damned If it turned into ... I'll be damned ...


*Previously released singles:
Free, Dog In The Backyard and In Lieu Of Flowers - 2020
Pretty Good Day - 2019


released July 1, 2022


Who Did What:

Beloved Rabbits

• Jason Beers - Bass (1,4,13,15-22) Organ (6,8) Piano (13, 20)
Banjo, Accordion (11) Harmonica (11,17) Slide Guitar (13)
Brass Arrangement (11)
• Clarke Wyatt - Drums (4)
• Matt Hopper - Lead Guitar (4)
• Chris DeVictor - Upright Bass (5,9)
• Chris Hudson - Nylon String Guitar (1,5,16,19) Mandolin (1,5,16)
Lead Guitar (18) Atmospheric Guitar (16)
• Mike Lindsey - Bass (8,10)
• Tim Higgins - Drums, Percussion (7,8,10,13)
• Gary Paredes - Slide Guitar (8) Wah Wah Guitar (22)
• Chad Brothers - Lead Acoustic (9,11)
• Havilah Bruders - Voices (22)

SH - Voices, Guitars, Bass (2,3,6,7,12,14) Keyboards, Drums,
Percussion, Banjo (3,17) Short Wave Static (3) Ghosts

All Knob Twiddlin', Cut 'n' Pastin', Digital Chicanery

Artwork by Kevin Paulsen

All songs ©2022, Scott Hrabko

Dog In The Backyard
In Lieu Of Flowers
©2020, Scott Hrabko

Pretty Good Day
©2019, Scott Hrabko

Homemade in KCMO, USA
Mastered by Mike Nolte at
Eureka Mastering, Portland, OR


all rights reserved



Scott Hrabko Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City's Scott Hrabko is an independent singer/songwriter who has followed his own restless, shape-shifting muse since the town's late-80s indie rock scene.

“Hrabko’s rootsy songs are filled with trap doors, hidden nooks, and secret passageways. They’re like those dreams within comfortably familiar houses that suddenly have brand new rooms.”
Mike Warren - No Depression
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