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Gone Places

by Scott Hrabko

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Black Penny 04:09
Black Penny - © 2013, Scott Hrabko A dirty old band in a half-asleep van We may be coming to your town Three chords away from the devil’s hand Dig that desperate sound A network of well-worn welcomes And local indelicacies Waking up sore on a living room floor There ain’t nothing like a friend in need Pursued by the blues and skeleton crews Through the lowlands of my soul Stems and seeds of the ‘70s Through the static on the radio Continuous soft rock favorites In busted industrial towns The smell of pot in the parking lot Somehow it only brings me down Living fast in Dallas, Texas Dying slow in Chicago I get my hopes up high, then out go the lights And where I lost my way, I’ll never know Blue eyes crying in the liquor light glow Down where the spirits dwell Deep in the ground you can hear the sound Of every amateur musician in.... Well, a glue factory Full of thoroughbred dreams That missed the starting gun You wanted to believe it wasn’t over, baby So you got another pony to run I lay down in Louisiana, I wake up in misery My self-control is at an all-time low Black Penny just keeps rolling home to me I’ve been down a blind alley I’ve been down that rabbit hole Through the briars and the brambles I’ve rambled Where a drunkard wouldn’t go And where I lost my way, I’ll never know Where I lost my way, I'll never know
Blue, Period. - © 2013, Scott Hrabko When you talk in your sleep And keep me awake The least you can do is enunciate Your train of thought just passed my stop Somewhere down the line, Honey, you must get off Did you call my name, my mystery train? When inspiration comes, Leave a trail of crumbs So I can find my way through your Blue period, your blue period Time and tide, let me off the ride Way over my head I see a bad mood rise Lost at sea, a threatening sky Just tie me to the mast Until the storm subsides The way you wax and wane, I swear I’ll go insane I’m just a simple man, I’ll never understand Some other nature’s refrain Like your blue period Your blue period In a deep, blue dream, by my side you lay About a hundred thousand miles away I want to love you, darlin’ But I’m only getting in the way I don’t want complacency To take the place of me Our fates are intertwined, Don’t let it undermine The ground beneath our feet It’s just your blue period You’re blue ...
Baby, You Know Me - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Just a rolling stone, stealing home When the big, bad shadows fall Hearing my head, I stumble to bed Between my wife and the wall Hush now, darlin’, it’s only me I’ve been out on the town, ‘Round and around All the places I used to go Lost in the ruins of my own doing Down where the old flames glow But ooh wee, baby, you know me I used to be the king bee Of many a honey comb A collector of nectar Everywhere I roamed But, Lord, those days are over, And now I’m just a working drone But somebody’s wife Is lonesome tonight I’ll make a beeline home I’ll wave goodbye to every vice My whole world cut down to size And I’ll be good Honey I’ll be so good You won’t believe your eyes But ooh wee, Just say you’ll never leave me Ooh wee, baby, you know me
Lost As You 04:06
Lost As You - © 2013, Scott Hrabko This highway don’t lie, She’s all mine tonight We’ve got trouble on the run She takes me back With arms open wide No matter what I’ve done She draws a sigh The size of the sky She don’t mess me up With long goodbyes She makes me feel Like the last man alive I’m scrapping for a dollar and a quarter Out on Dead Dog Boulevard Two left shoes and eleven bar blues On that old gold tooth guitar It’s old man sweat and cigarette In tears in Tennessee Singing, ‘goddamn, I love women Especially when they don’t love me.’ Lord, I’m leaving in the morning If I can only find my shoes Please, don’t follow me, baby ‘Cause I’m just as lost as you It’s black ass coffee at the crack of dawn My mind is down to one lane The waitress has forsaken me Playing her half-ass games Satanic mills in the sugar that spilled The busboy wiped away The spirit is gone, but the body lives on And honey, you can keep the change Lord, I’m leaving in the morning Seems like that’s all I ever do Please, don’t follow me, baby ‘Cause I’m just as lost as you
The Ugly Ever After - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Over the hills, where the hotheads prevail That ain’t no place to be She’s stepping out in a long, black veil Singing songs of the free X marks the sky where two gods collide How ‘bout none of the above? Tell me why do fools fall in line All in the name of love? They’ve been talkin’ ‘Bout the end of the world Since the beginning of time But it’s only real in the ugly ever after In your mind We’ve been bulldozed and back-hoed And dug up the dead In the land of ‘I’ve got mine’ Memories fall to the reckless ball So hard, the church bells chime Nobody knows the trouble we’re in Wise men say look away An endless trail of things for sale That once stood in the way They’ve been talkin’ ‘Bout the end of the world Since the beginning of time But it’s only real in the ugly ever after In your mind Get down, now.
Valley Of The Blues - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Johnny IOU and the Terrible Two Picking on a helpless guitar Fallen leaves and antifreeze As close as we got to the stars Stay out all night, running red lights In a fever of failure of nerve The moon turned blue as an amplifier tube And the wind kicks up the dirge Electrical fences from Wentzville to Memphis Arkansas, I hear you moan The hellhounds of paranoia -- Throw ‘em a bone It’s you again, in the yellow mirror Of a burned out, breathless john A miserable mop head slops away To that old plantation song Oh darlin’ Try not to come unglued Walking through The bottomless shadows In the valley of the blues Deep in the black heart of Texas Where nobody knows my name But the ghosts of oil well wishers On that long gone glory train We follow the lonesome taillights Into the mystery Oh, my lucky star Seems like you’re avoiding me Trying to get out of nowhere A stranger, just like you Walking through The bottomless shadows In the valley of the blues
Blurry Marie 03:58
Blurry Marie - © 2013, Scott Hrabko I sing the blues for the single shoe Down by the side of the road Three thousand miles of darkness From here to Saint So ‘n’ So Missed exits, Miss Texas Where in the world can you be? I’ve outrun the crows and hexes But I never got away from me Blurry Marie, Blurry Marie Oh, darlin’, you got a spell on me Look me in the eye And tell me it was only a dream Lord, I could be just fool enough to believe Flat broke in Hoboken Standing around in the rain An old, black penny and a subway token And mud is my name It was tougher than jerky Down in Albuquerque A bit more than I could chew But I didn’t mind, as long as I could find My way back home to you Blurry Marie, Blurry Marie Oh, darlin’, you got a spell on me Look me in the eye And tell me it was only a dream Lord, I could be just fool enough to believe Everybody’s got a life to lead Down that dotted line Or drag along reluctantly, behind Tried to make the laughs last God only knows how long You could say I’m having trouble moving on
Lonely Satellite - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Oh, Darkness Falls, North Dakota In this steel driving rain Was it my imagination Or did I hear you call my name? While the restless cities roll and tumble From the factory to the field Another day just slips away Beneath my wheels And I don’t have to tell you, darlin’ How that feels ‘Cause I’m a lonely satellite Out on this highway A traveling light ‘til the break of day A lonely satellite, the only soul in sight I hope my world don’t turn away From a frozen phone booth in Nevada I can hardly hold the dimes I dial your number, honey A little humbler every time But I get that lonesome busy signal, A blank expression in the sky Heaven knows just where you go When you get on with your life On that electric blue horizon Where the white line goes to die ‘Cause I’m a lonely satellite Out on this highway A traveling light ‘til the break of day A lonely satellite, the only soul in sight I hope my world don’t turn away Don’t turn away
The Fool In The Song - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Singing to the darkness Trying to get through In this fallen apartment The home of the blues My friends are gonna tell me You ought to find something new But I’m in love with you, baby And nobody else will do Raindrops on my window Never linger for long Then they roll down together When there’s no holding on My friends are gonna tell me You’ve been leading me on Out on the town, now Living it down, now And I’m just the fool in the song The fool in the song So, put me on, baby And spin me around Let the diamond ride the vinyl All the way down I’ll be faithful to your shadow Till the real thing comes along So, put me on, baby I’ll be the fool in the song I’ll be the fool in the song
Here Come The Blues - © 2013, Scott Hrabko Oil and water had a little daughter Lord, they taught her Everything they knew Trouble child, may God be with you Oh, look out, world Here come the blues Fast rides to nowhere Every Saturday night In that crumbling cracker town Pearls for swine, a bottle of wine She’d let her long hair down Nickel and dime-ing Damn near dying Any kind of ride will do Through the flames, that city called her name Look out world Here come the blues Somebody’s daughter is up on the stage Shaking it down God knows I’m getting old When I see it that way But I’m still around Somebody’s daughter, Young enough to be mine But that don’t stop the chills From running up and down my spine By the ice machine at the Elms Motel Trying to straighten up her hair Sad, blue eyes on my demise In the ragged neon glare Well, I turned around And I walked away Because she asked me to By the dying light I’ll pray for her tonight Look out world, here come the blues Here come the blues Here come the blues
The Problem 04:14
The Problem - © 2013, Scott Hrabko They tell me That your number’s disconnected Those sweet, recorded Voices on the phone Calling from approximately nowhere I hate to think you’re sitting there, alone But if you get bored, well, You know where to find me When the walls are closing in At closing time It’s such a shame To come up empty-handed Sweet dreams going down In the bubbling brine Some days are roses, Some days are fertilizer You spin and toil and pray for rain Wallflower, take my hand now, Let’s get loaded I’ve got no expectations To stand in the way From the warm embrace Of alcohol amnesia To the tables where you Take your crooked cue The ashtray full of friends That never leave you They’re looking for the real thing, Once removed Another revolution -- of the ceiling Stains and angels circling the bed Sugar plums and broken capillaries Eleven drunken drummers in my head Oh, Lord, deliver me From wishful thinking And other cheap commodities If I fall into the cup That I’ve been drinking Well, I’ll know the problem Is probably me.
The Woman Upstairs - © 2013, Scott Hrabko The sun was ablaze in a dog day haze It was daylight wasting time I said hail, hail, the landlord in jail I never got to say goodbye Down by the tracks With the barking out back Three hard luck stories high The woman upstairs Would let down her hair And you knew it was Saturday night She was chaste as a racetrack rabbit I was holy as a hobo’s shoe We were broke as the Ten Commandments There was nothing much else to do But cash in the bottles And get another bottle And drink till the well run dry The woman upstairs Would let down her hair And the stars would fall from the sky When the lights go down And the lost are found Somebody’s bound to lose She’s yours for a song, But never for long Pretty soon you’ll be singing the blues They tore down the house I was telling you about And put up a vacant lot But I still dream Of the same old street The reckoning ball forgot Dead dandelions Blowing backwards in time When time was on my side A little love affair With the woman upstairs Oh, darlin’, just leave on the light


released November 23, 2013

All songs © 2013, Scott Hrabko

SH - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Doug Shaffer - Bass
Mark Acuff - Drum (1-4, 6, 8, 10-11, 13)
Tim Higgins - Drums (5,7)
Eric Powers - Drums (12)
Gary Paredes - Electric Guitar (2, 7-8)
Keith Galusha - Electric Guitar (7)
Matt Hopper - Electric Guitar (3,10)
David Williams (RIP) - Pedal Steel (3, 11, 13)
Pat Pearce - Piano (1, 3-4, 10, 13)
Jon Mark Bolthouse - Organ (1)
Mike Lindsey - Lap Steel (7)
Susan Newton - Fiddle (13)
Emily Tummons - Harmony Vocals (1,6,10,13)

Recorded by SH, Kansas City, MO, USA
Thanks to Bill Honan at Media Farm
Mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Studio


all rights reserved



Scott Hrabko Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City's Scott Hrabko is an independent singer/songwriter who has followed his own restless, shape-shifting muse since the town's late-80s indie rock scene.

“Hrabko’s rootsy songs are filled with trap doors, hidden nooks, and secret passageways. They’re like those dreams within comfortably familiar houses that suddenly have brand new rooms.”
Mike Warren - No Depression
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